Why Subtitle your adverts?

Subtitling isn’t just about reaching the 14% of people who are hard of hearing. Subtitle use is more prevalent than most people expect and younger audiences are embracing it more than any other demographic. Having subtitles on your advert means that  your commercial is more impactful and its message is received by more viewers. 

Research has shown that viewers are more likely to engage with a brand if they use subtitling and we believe that all advertisers should subtitle their content: it is a benefit for the end user and also for you and is an easy win for a brand to increase its accessibility and connection with audience.

If you don’t subtitle your adverts, then your message isn’t being received properly by whole sections of the market. 

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How it Works

Send us your approved script, during the production process, and our experienced staff will create a subtitle file that is ready for the final video. Once the commercial is complete, we take the high-resolution video file, make any tweaks needed to the script, time it perfectly to the video content and then embed the subtitle file; ready for delivery to your advertising delivery company (Adstream, Peach, etc.).

Our subtitlers work to make the subtitles as seamless as possible within the advert, considering timing and placement of the subtitles, to convey the message and the spirit of the brand. We can send you the final version, a version for internal sign off or even deliver the file directly to Peach or Adstream, on your behalf.

If your commercial is complete,  we can still work with it, even without a script.

We also work with clients who need to manage multiple versions of content. For example, direct response requires different numbers on each version of a spot, to track sales, and as long as the script is the same, we just make a nominal charge for handling additional video files.

We will always do our best to accommodate fast turnaround, and aim to complete, upon receipt of deliverables, projects in under a day.

We can provide subtitles for broadcast television or closed (or open) captions for digital formats as well.

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Long Form Content

We can also provide subtitling for long-form content for broadcast, OTT and even DVD projects. As part of the MediaPaedia Broadcast group, our clients include a range of broadcasters including ‘Talking Pictures TV’, Virgin Media and the ‘Extreme’ sports channel.

Whilst there has been a growth in the number of ‘AI’ systems, that use software to automatically create subtitles; we believe that the technology is still not good enough to replace the old-fashioned manual method, for accuracy and timing of subtitles. Variations in accent, clarity and timing of speech and background noise mean that as much time is spent fixing AI created subtitles as is saved using them.

SubText Digital has a department of in-house subtitlers, supported by a network of freelancers, meaning that we can offer subtitling at a competitive rate to our broadcast clients. In addition to creating subtitles from scratch, we can also QC, re-time, restructure and reformat existing subtitles for broadcast from existing closed caption or subtitle files.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you. info@subtext.tv

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Translation Services

SubText Digital can provide translated subtitles, either as subtitle files, open or embedded closed captions, in the following languages:

Please contact us for other language requirements, or to discuss a project.


The subtitling of adverts has historically been, in our opinion, substantially overpriced. We don’t think that accessibility should be prohibitively expensive, for any brand, and as such we have a transparent pricing structure that is the same for all customers, no matter how big or small.

Advertising Subtitling (Broadcast or Digital)

Per clock
Up to 60 seconds:  £100
From 60-180 seconds: £150

Re-version/Re-cut – £75 (including open/closed captions for digital)
DRTV versions – £50 per additional clock*
*Assuming script identical

Language variations

Listed Languages
Translated subtitles (as stl, srt etc.) – £125 per clock

Other languages
Price on application

Long form subtitling
Price on application

Meet the Team

Chris Parsons Chief Executive

Chris Parsons
Chief Executive

Chris has over 20 years’ experience in the TV and Broadcast industry. He has launched and managed multiple TV channels, been responsible for the production of thousands of hours of content and has worked on  projects for blue-chip clients around the world.

Tom Eyton James Sales Director
Tom Eyton-Jones
Sales Director

Tom has over 20 years’ of TV and Broadcast experience. As Sales Director for Subtext Digital, he oversees commercial and new business activities. Tom has worked in various commercial roles across the media industry including the likes of Sky, Arqiva, Globecast and Harmonic.
Aaron Chamberlain Operations Director

Aaron Chamberlain
Operations Director
Aaron has over 15 years’ experience in broadcast operations having launched and ran numerous channels. His operational experience is second to none and he has extensive subtitling and production experience. Aaron is responsible for the day-to-day operations of SubText.

Gareth Askew Subtitle Manager

Gareth Askew
Subtitle Manager
Gareth has been working in subtitling for over 5 years and has been with the group since 2019. He oversees the team of staff managing both long and short form subtitling work for the group.  Gareth has previously worked with TVT, Deluxe and ITV.

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